Monday May 02, 2022

Workplace Violence – Part 3

Closing out Workplace Violence Awareness Month, Lindsay Mayer and Heidi Boehm deep dive into protocols and procedures for dealing with the aftermath of a violent event.


Guest speaker:
Heidi Boehm
Behavioral Health Program Manager
The University of Kansas Health System


Lindsay Mayer
Senior Director


Show Notes:

[00:38] Survey employees to learn how supported they feel.    

[02:35] Awareness campaigns help reduce workplace violence.   

[05:15] Implement a comprehensive and standardized debriefing process.   

[08:13] Simply checking in with staff, post-event, is a powerful tool.

[09:26] COVID has impacted the launch of a post-event leadership guidebook.    

[10:38] Routine, ongoing data collection is very important.

[12:05] Leaders must be equipped with the necessary tools.


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