Monday Apr 15, 2024

Using AI to improve observed mortality

Artificial Intelligence has been helping improve healthcare for years, but just recently, there has been a seismic shift in capability, buy-in and attention. Healthcare systems across the country are looking into safely and effectively using AI to improve observed mortality. On this episode, we examine how Intermountain Health is effectively using AI for their patients.


Guest speaker:

Sathya Vijayakumar, MS, MBA

Senior Manager, Clinical Operations

Intermountain Health



Shannon Sullivan, MHA


Performance Improvement



Show Notes:

[01:22] Opportunity to benchmark observed mortality

[02:11] Using AI to track observed mortality

[06:16] Details on the process used at Intermountain Health

[08:37] How Intermountain piloted and fostered adoption of the initiative – outcomes

[12:09] Barriers to implementation

[13:43] Will never replace clinical judgment

[14:43] Recommendations and takeaways

[07:02] Next steps


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