Monday Oct 04, 2021

Supply Chain Resiliency

In this program, Ed Bonetti from UMass Memorial Health Care and Vizient shares his insights on how the COVID pandemic exposed the difference between strategic and actual preparedness of the medical supply chain. a Vizient PI Collaborative helped them to learn from each other and prepare to re-evaluate their preparedness and find ways to be more resilient for future catastrophic events.


Guest Speaker:

Ed Bonetti
Supply Chain Operations
UMass Memorial Health Care and,
VP, Supply Chain Operations



Carla Stephens, CMRP
Networks Director


Show Notes:

[00:00 – 01:48]  COVID exposed preparedness of supply chains

[01:49 – 02:44]  Keep calm, carry on, and communicate

[02:45 – 04:09]  Making quick decisions on alternative products

[04:10 – 05:04]  Standardizing and implementing processes for reordering alternate and critical product

[05:05 – 06:20]  Preparing for future catastrophic events

[06:21 – 07:32]  Future response


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