Monday Apr 17, 2023

Sprinting to Decrease LOS

Patient length of stay (LOS) is a crucial measurement for health care organizations since longer patient stays increase patient risk for complications while reducing patient satisfaction. They also represent higher costs for the hospital. At the University of Kentucky, using a model of short-term improvement actions called “sprints,” along with participation in a Vizient performance improvement collaborative and the commitment of senior leaders, a clinical performance team has led an initiative to reduce LOS that has produced strong, ongoing results.


Guest speakers:

Jennifer Rose, MBA

Associate Vice President

Core Clinical and Performance Services

UK HealthCare


Lauren Miller, MBA

Senior Quality Improvement Specialist

Core Clinical and Performance Services

UK HealthCare



Margaret Rudisill, MS-HQS, RN

Performance Improvement Program Director



Show Notes:

[02:54] Working on reducing LOS at UK HealthCare

[04:00] Joining the Vizient Performance Improvement Collaborative

[04:32] Leadership involvement, participant accountability, process transparency

[06:39] Linking with the stakeholders

[07:46] The Sprint Model and the Forcefield Analysis

[08:51] Three themes

[09:56] How the Sprint brings testing to a quick resolution

[11:09] Sprint example


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Sample Forcefield Analysis: Forcefield Analysis Template


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