Wednesday Sep 06, 2023

Sepsis Month: Racing to reduce readmissions

Recent studies have demonstrated that sepsis patients have a much higher readmission risk than other common conditions such as heart failure, heart attacks, and pneumonia. The National Institutes of Health states that sepsis is a substantial healthcare burden, accounting for 6.2% of total hospital costs in the United States.


Shannon Chase Weck, Performance Improvement Specialist and Sepsis Coordinator at Houston Methodist West in Texas joins Host Shannon Hale to discuss share their work to decrease sepsis readmissions.


Shannon Chase Weck
Performance Improvement Specialist and Sepsis Coordinator
Houston Methodist West Hospital

Shannon Hale
PI Program Director


Show Notes:

[00:58 – 01:24] Looking at Sepsis as an organization

[01:25 – 02:30] Organizations approach to sepsis readmissions

[02:31 – 03:09] Grand Prix theme and outcomes

[03:10 – 04:58] How they have sustained improvements

[04:59 – 06:15] The barriers

[06:16 – 07:23] Ah-has to share


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