Sepsis Awareness Month: Sepsis Early Recognition

As sepsis continues to be a major cause of death representing a substantial healthcare burden, Vizient hosted a performance improvement collaborative focused on sepsis early recognition. Shannon Hale explores guidelines and best practices with collaborative participant Amy Lorenz of Covenant HealthCare. 


Guest speaker:
Amy Lorenz 
Lead Quality Improvement Specialist
Covenant Healthcare


Shannon Hale 
Performance Improvement Collaboratives Director


Show Notes:

[01:03] Covenant Healthcare identified sepsis fallouts in order to enhance education related to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines.

[01:59] Covenant created an online reference tool — a sepsis awareness page —to communicate about guideline revisions and fallout areas with all clinical staff.

[03:27] The sepsis awareness page was promoted to educate clinical staff and ensure usage.

[04:08] Executive and physician-driven support strongly enriched the collaboration.

[05:06] Covenant provides sepsis awareness page data monthly.  

[05:40] Lack of education about and awareness of the CMS guidelines has been the greatest challenge.  


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