Monday Nov 07, 2022

Using AI for early detection of sepsis

CDC statistics suggest that one in three people who die in a hospital have sepsis. Furthermore, in almost 87% of cases the patient had sepsis or a sepsis-causing infection before admission to the hospital.

Innovative healthcare organizations are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to combat sepsis.

In this episode, Dr. Joe Cummings explains the technology and shares the latest developments in the battle against sepsis.


Guest speaker:
Joe Cummings, PhD 
Technology Program Director 


Shannon Hale
Performance Improvement Collaboratives Director


Show Notes:

[01:36] Basic definition of artificial intelligence (AI).

[02:21] AI subtypes important to the sepsis discussion.

[03:49] More on how AI can combat sepsis.

[05:39] Barriers to implementation.

[09:55] Other AI models and their results.   

[11:33] What the future holds for sepsis models. 

[12:20] Advice to organizations interested in AI options for sepsis.


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