Monday Mar 20, 2023

Remote Patient Monitoring

In healthcare today, with care shifting from hospitals and clinics to the home, remote patient monitoring (RPM) provides a key foundational element to the success of that transition. Health care organizations need to fully implement RPM as a vital strategy to promote health and improve patient management and care. Through RPM, providers capture disease-related and physiological data on the patient and digitally transmit that data via telephone, internet, or video conferencing from the patient's home to a healthcare center, providing clinical feedback. Nowadays, RPM devices such as intelligence sensors, wearables, or handheld devices, internet-connected cellphones, and implanted monitoring devices are widely available. This podcast episode explores the latest RPM innovations with a leading expert in health technology.


Guest speaker:

Joe Cummings, PhD
Technology Program Director



Courtney Furrow-White, MPM, RN
Senior Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:32] Ramping up digital technologies

[02:12] Shortening the hospital learning curve of tech adoption

[03:21] Making captured physiologic info part of the care paradigm

[04:06] Solving several healthcare challenges

[05:13] Impact of consumerism on RPM: wireless, patches, expanding vitals collection

[08:50] Contactless sensors: how they work

[10:04] AI is here: chatbots, disruption, deep-learning algorithms, decision support

[12:14] Challenges to RPM


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