Monday Jul 18, 2022

Redesigning Ambulatory Care

In this episode, IU Health Southern Indiana Physician’s Service Line Administrator discuss their experience with the Redesigning Ambulator Care Collaborative. Each participant chose a performance improvement project to address and Elizabeth Thompson shares the rather surprising discovery the team made and the solution that made a difference.


Guest speaker:
Elizabeth Thompson, BS, MSL
Service Line Administrator
IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians – Surgical Specialties


Courtney Furrow-White , RN, MBA
PI Program Director, PI Collaboratives


Show notes:

[01:17]  IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians choose their improvement project

[02:14]  What prevention was missing—or was it?

[03:01]  What they learned about their data

[03:58]  Solving the code crisis

[05:29]  Pseudo codes

[06:16]  Working with IT

[08:11]  Lessons learned

[09:06]  How the collaborative experience leads to progress

[10:08]  Advice for your journey


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