Monday May 04, 2020

Maternal Mortality

Dr. Carol Solie and Jennifer Gallagher from the Wyoming Medical Center knew they needed better staff training for maternal mortality by post-partum hemorrhage and hypertension. They decided on the obstetrical training simulation process and the results were astounding. They join us on this program to discuss their decision, including the challenges and benefits.



Jennifer Gallagher

Clinical Educator for Obstetrics

Wyoming Medical Center 


Dr. Carol Solie

Vice President of Quality and Medical Safety

Wyoming Medical Center 



Watch the Vizient Reducing Maternal Mortality collaborative webcast for additional details.


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Show Notes:

[00:00 – 02:40]  Recognize the need for better training

[02:41 – 03:39]  Bedside simulation program with hands on training

[03:40 – 04:15]  Doctor education

[04:16 – 05:25]  Simulation pre-briefing scenarios and objectives

[05:26 – 06:05]  Identifying roles and scripting

[06:06 – 06:59]  Team building and positive experiences

[07:00 – 09:50]  Simulation challenges and benefits

[09:51 – 11:29]  Setting up for success


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