Monday Apr 06, 2020

Joy in the Workplace

When it comes to reversing the burnout trend in health care, colleagues at Temple University Health System just might surprise you with their one word answer. They share that and more in this episode for increasing joy in the workplace.  Featuring Dwight McBee and Mark Meyers.


Dwight McBee, CPXP, MBA, BSN

Chief Experience Officer

Temple University Health System


Mark Meyers, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC

Director of Performance Improvement and Healthcare Informatics

Temple University Health System



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Show Notes:

00:45 What is GROSS?

01:21 Interacting with staff to determine change.

02:34 Empowering leaders with context.

04:30 How to learn from ‘unintended consequences’.

05:48 Physician feedback example.

06:45 How does an organization track and measure GROSS?

07:55 Involving your staff is key.


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