Monday Apr 06, 2020

Improving Care Access through Virtual Health Care Design

Lack of access to care is a critical issue facing too many patients and providers.  More and more consumers, clinicians and health care organizations are investing in virtual health as a solution. Virtual health—or telehealth—may seem like it’s a result of technology advances over the last decade.  But Dr. Elizabeth Krupinski of Emory University explains telemedicine history goes back 40+ years. In this episode, she tells us what’s behind virtual health’s slow build and why it is ready to boom.



Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Emory University Departments of Radiology and Imaging Sciences and Co-Director of  Director of the Southwest Telehealth Resource Center in Arizona



Watch the Vizient Improving Care Access through Virtual Health Care Design collaborative webcast for additional details.


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Show Notes:

[00:00 - 01:33]  Introduction and telemedicine background
[01:33 - 2:26]    Benefits of virtual health to patients
[02:26 - 03:05]  Benefits of virtual health to providers
[03:05 - 04:34]  Which virtual health programs work--and why
[04:34 - 05:18]  Getting C-suite buy-n
[05:18 - 06:12]  Building the telehealth team
[06:12 - 06:48]  Staying ahead of technology changes
[06:48 - 07:28]  How technology helps improve outcomes
[07:28 - 08:06]  The one thing you can count on with telehealth
[08:06 - 08:41]  Practice makes perfect
[08:41 - 09:06]  The rewards of virtual health


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