Monday Aug 03, 2020

Emergency Medicine of the Future, Part 3

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency medicine departments faced a myriad of challenges. Dr Tomas Spiegel from the University of Chicago and Dr. Martin Lucenti from Vizient return for part 3 of this series summarizing factors that shape emergency medicine today and offer their thoughts on what will be different in the future. In this episode they examine how emergency departments can adjust scope of care and use social determinants of care to help shape their future.



Thomas Spiegel, MD, MS, BA, ED

Medical Director

University of Chicago Medicine


Martin Lucenti, MD, PhD

SVP & CMO, Solution Architecture



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Show Notes:

[00:00-08:13] Switching scope of care model in emergency department away from convenient care and making it easier for patients to access care.


[08:14-09:36] Training providers differently for the change in scope of care in emergency department.


[09:37-12:36] Role of specialists in emergency department when changing to a new care model.


[12:37-15:30] The transition of the emergency department to point of access for all service lines an organization.


[15:31-18:24] Role of community in helping emergency medicine in the future.


[18:25-26:56] Taking strain off emergency medicine by tapping into the resources of the community.


[26:57-29:43] What’s on the horizon for emergency medicine.


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