Tuesday Jun 02, 2020

Emergency Medicine of the Future, Part 2

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency medicine departments faced a myriad of challenges. Dr. Tomas Spiegel from the University of Chicago and Dr. Martin Lucenti from Vizient return for part two of this three-part series. They explore factors shaping emergency medicine today and tomorrow. In this episode, they outline how operational strategies and payer models could evolve to better support emergency medicine in the future.


Thomas Spiegel, MD, MS, BA, ED
Medical Director
University of Chicago Medicine

Martin Lucenti, MD, PhD
SVP & CMO, Solution Architecture

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Show notes:

00:00-3:58     The Emergency Room as an independent, immediate care service line.

03:58-07:57   Positioning the Emergency Department to serve as a support system to route patients towards other service lines.

07:58-14:30 Helping providers shift to take on different roles and address patient satisfaction.

14:31-18:19   Changes to payment reimbursement models and how they affect the emergency department.



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