Monday Apr 06, 2020

Emergency Medicine of the Future, Part 1

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency medicine departments faced a myriad of challenges. In the first of a three-part series, Dr. Thomas Spiegel from the University of Chicago and Dr Martin Lucenti from Vizient summarize factors shaping emergency medicine today and offer their thoughts on what will be different in the future.  Their broad-ranging discussion covers everything from emergency room current challenges, to implementing operational efficiency, operations management and functioning as a diagnostic center and patient hub for an organization.



Thomas Spiegel, MD, MS, BA, ED

Medical Director

University of Chicago Medicine


Martin Lucenti, MD, PhD

SVP & CMO, Solution Architecture



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Show Notes:

[00:00 – 03:15]  Current state of Emergency Medicine

[03:29 – 06:14]  Emergency Room efficiency model and its effect on overcrowding and finances

[06:31 – 07:27]  Challenges with behavioral health patient needs

[07:27 - 08:00]  Challenges with geriatric population

[08:00 - 08:31]  Challenges with workforce issues

[08:49 - 10:54]  What lies ahead: flattening of low acuity patient and growth in higher acuity patients

[10:55 – 14:13]  Operational efficiency, adopting operations management, system reliability

[14:21 - 16:41]  Emergency department functioning as a diagnostic center and patient hub


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