Monday Jun 01, 2020

Emergency Medicine of the Future, Bonus Edition

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency medicine departments faced a myriad of challenges. In this bonus edition to the Emergency Medicine of the Future three-part series, Dr. Thomas Spiegel from the University of Chicago summarizes factors shaping emergency medicine today and offers his thoughts on what will be different in the future.  The broad-ranging discussion covers everything from emergency room current challenges, to implementing operational efficiency, operations management and functioning as a diagnostic center and COVID-19 patient hub for the organization.


Thomas Spiegel, MD, MS, MBA
ED Medical Director
University of Chicago Medicine


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Show Notes:

[00:00 – 01:33]  Adjusting to COVID-19 in the Emergency Department

[01:34 – 02:33]  Caring for COVID patients in the Emergency Department

[02:34 – 03:46]  Separating patients into care spaces

[03:37 – 05:44]  Identifying and treating COVID-19 cases

[05:45 – 06:05]  Guideline: The 5 liters of oxygen

[06:06 – 09:55]  Ventilators vs. high-flow nasal cannula approach

[09:56 – 12:02]  High-flow nasal cannula differs from oxygen delivered though the standard nasal cannula

[12:03 – 15:57]  Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Helmets or CPAP

[15:58 – 16:54] Contraindications for co-morbidity patients

[16:55 – 17:42] Drawbacks for treatment options

[17:43 – 18:39] Lessons learned – Prevent the vent

[18:40 – 20:25] Future of Emergency Medicine


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