Monday Jul 06, 2020

Addressing Pharmaceuticals in High Cost Service Lines

Escalating drug costs along with decreasing reimbursement have increased pressure for the pharmacy departments to oversee cost effective medication management. Becky Sillaman, System Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services for Premier Health, discusses how her team collaborated with Premier’s Anesthesiologists on specific strategy that reduced inpatient spend on one drug while continuing to provide high-quality care for patients.



Becky Sillaman, PharmD

System Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services

Premier Health


Show Notes:

[00:00 - 00:57]   Comparing Cost of IV Acetaminophen vs Oral Acetaminophen

[00:58 - 02:32]    Building the case for the initiative to use less IV Acetaminophen

[02:33 - 03:03]      Getting Anesthesiologists to buy into the initiative

[03:04 - 05:15]       Changing culture to make positive change in cost savings

[05:16 - 07:41]       Getting key stakeholders on board and workflow adjustments

[07:42 - 09:33]       Results and how to define success


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