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As the demand for patient care at home increases, one component driving the move is technology.  In this Knowledge on the Go episode, Dr. Joe Cummings of Vizient and Andrew Rebhan of Sg2 outline what’s connecting clinicians and their patients.  From smartphones to sensors to artificial intelligence, PI Program Director Courtney Furrow-White quizzes our experts on how technology is making a difference in patient care today—and will transform it in the very near future.


Guest speaker:
Joe Cummings, PhD
Technology Program Director


Andrew Rebhan
Consulting Director
Sg2 Intelligence


Courtney Furrow-White
Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:15] There is renewed interest in home care due to affordability and the rise of consumerism.

[02:19] Hospital IT Infrastructure and patient home IT equipment are vital.

[04:02] There is no singular approach when considering patient acuity.

[05:20] Telehealth technology must be customizable and comparable to in-person visits.

[07:29] Digital devices with always-on connectivity provide remote patient monitoring. 

[09:00] Imaging technology can also be achieved in the home. 

[10:25] With home data collection, AI can proceed with the patient. 

[13:09] AI can carry the future of home care into a new world of service.

[18:04] A health system should follow specific strategies to ensure success.


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