Improvement Journey with Contextualist Model for Change

Michelle Lewis and Pat Reagan Webster discuss the challenges and successes of Strong Memorial Hospital’s improvement journey with onset C. difficile infection rates.


Guest speaker:
Pat Reagan Webster
Associate Quality Officer
Strong Memorial Hospital


Michelle Lewis
Senior Director, Programs


Show Notes:

[01:09] Strong Memorial Hospital had plateaued in its efforts to decrease hospital-onset C. difficile infection rates.

[02:06] Strong’s successful prevention team was diverse and physician-led.

[04:09] Strong’s analysis, using the contextualist model, included brainstorming drivers, blueprinting, and identifying barriers.

[07:06] Interventions were established, monitored, and modified appropriately.

[08:38] COVID continues to cause challenges.  

[09:42] Interventions have proven to be successful, and infection rates have dropped dramatically.

[10:24] Strong made “really significant change in a time when we thought no change was possible.”


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