High Reliability: Strategies to Reduce Patient Falls

High Reliability Organizations are organizations that experiences success in avoiding harm within a highly complex and risky business.  This podcast will discuss how one participant of the Vizient High Reliability PI Collaborative reduced their patient falls.


Guest speakers:
Bert Lindsey, PT, DH
Director of Rehab Services & Patient Mobility, Acute
Saint Tammany Health System


Rebecca Baradell
Rehab Manager for Acute Care
Saint Tammany Health System


Marilyn Sherrill, RN, MBA
PI Program Director


For more information, email picollaboratives@vizientinc.com


Show Notes:

[01:30] Saint Tammany uses new graduates as mobility technicians to increase patient rounding and mobility assessment.

[3:10] Saint Tammany uses Weick and Sutcliffe’s pre-occupation with failure techniques. They train their young, just out of college, staff to expect errors and to work on repeatable results. 

[4:30] GEM (Greenville Early Mobility) is a four-integer scoring system developed by a group of physical therapists to aid acute care nurses by assigning patients to a level of mobility.

[5:35] Saint Tammany uses the GEMs as part of their Progressive Mobility Program which is an order set for nurses to mobilize patients to their highest capability twice a day.

[6:54] Data showing the correlation between the patient’s mobility and their likelihood to fall

[9:03] Mobility technicians look for the 3 P’s: pain, potty and position.

[10:09] Communicating patient mobility status with the caregivers

[12:30] Getting the program started

[14:00] Future plans for improving the Progressive Mobility Program


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