Monday Aug 15, 2022

High Reliability Culture

A high reliability organization is an organization that has experienced significant success in avoiding harm within an environment of high complexity and risk. These organizations create a collective state of mindfulness that produces an enhanced ability to discover and correct errors before they escalate into a crisis. Marilyn Sherrill discusses high reliability culture with Dr. Michael Leonard of Safe & Reliable Healthcare and Dr. Gena Futral from Vizient.  


Guest speaker:
Michael Leonard, MD
Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Safe & Reliable Healthcare LLC

Gena Futral, DHA, RN, CPHQ, FACHE
Executive Principal, Reliability and Management Systems


Marilyn Sherrill, RN, MBA
Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:42] Background information about Safe & Reliable Healthcare LLC and culture.

[02:30] Why Vizient has partnered with Safe & Reliable Healthcare LLC.

[03:20] Safe & Reliable Healthcare’s high reliability framework.

[05:13] The synergies between Vizient and Safe & Reliable Healthcare.

[06:38] The importance of culture and why it is a starting point for this work.  

[09:00] Measuring culture: survey results and what that data means.

[10:37] Vizient’s methodology for helping organizations along their high reliability journey, including LENS, Safe & Reliable Healthcare’s management and communication technology.

[15:14] Advice for organizations considering a high reliability journey, and last thoughts.


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