Evidence Analysis for Clinical Supply Integration

Vizient Technology Program Director, Dr. Joe Cummings, provides insights on evidence-based technology assessments in support of the knowledge domain, one of four performance domains in Vizient’s CSI model, which focuses on clinical literature and evaluation.


Guest speaker:
Joe Cummings, PhD
Technology Program Director


LaTammy Marks, MBA, BSN, RN
Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[02:09] Clinical evidence defined.  

[02:50] Many sources, including PubMed, are used to support CSI.

[04:58] How to use “gray literature.”

[05:46] Literature search is a fulltime job.

[06:37] Use an evidence grading scale to rate literature strength.

[09:49] A mature CSI program involves financial analysis.

[11:54] Tips for hospitals struggling with evidence-based data.


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