Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

Engaging stakeholders in quality through system communications

This episode features a team using a systemwide approach to communicate quality data and engage their stakeholders. Through this ongoing process, they have forged relationships that have improved patient care throughout the Intermountain Healthcare organization.


Guest speakers:
Bonnie Gregson, MSN, CPHQ
System Quality Senior Clinical Operations Manager
Office of Patient Experience
Intermountain Healthcare


Daniel Barker, MBA, RRT
Clinical Operations Manager
Office of Patient Experience
Intermountain Healthcare


Margaret Rudisill, MS-HQS, RN
PI Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:26] Developing communication process to impact each care site

[02:34] Communication channels

[03:18] Engagement approach – a non-threatening attitude

[05:36] Looking at gaps to reduce PSI 3s (patient safety indicator for pressure ulcers)

[06:14] “What if” calculator for care site benchmarking

[07:04] Sharing systemwide – “system learning”

[09:05] Quality Insights Dashboard – sharing PSI data and best practices systemwide

[11:29] Other communication approaches across the system

[13:18] Beyond PSIs – mortality, QAPI data

[14:38] Not about reducing the numbers

[16:18] “Fail fast, move forward”


Links | Resources:

Recent PI Collaborative broadcast featuring Bonnie Gregson and Danny Barker discussing their quality approach at Intermountain Healthcare: Click Here

To contact Knowledge on the Go: picollaboratives@vizientinc.com

To contact Bonnie: bonnie.gregson@imail.org

To contact Danny: daniel.barker@imail.org


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