Monday May 01, 2023

Elevating the Workforce: Reimagining Models of Care

In the wake of COVID, the nation’s health care organizations are experiencing staffing shortages, burnout and other workforce challenges.  Health leaders are turning to innovation, technology and alternative staffing models to address these challenges. Vizient’s Principal of Clinical Workforce Strategy, Dr. Jacqueline Herd, joins us to discuss ways health organizations can improve efficiency, workforce optimization and redesign their models of care.


Guest speaker:
Jacqueline Herd, DNP, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE
Principal, Clinical Workforce Strategy


Amber Hanser, MHA, CPHQ
Senior Program Director
Performance Improvement Programs


Show Notes:

[01:24] Dr. Jacqueline Herd’s background

[02:47] The need for new models of care to handle shortages and to compete with retail

[04:55] Reimagining workflow involves redesigning how work is done and how to make it more efficient so we stop burnout and exhaustion

[05:27] Models of care that make work more efficient  

[08:05] Working top of license and certification

[10:21] Integrating the community care worker into the care team

[12:16] Understanding what a licensed practical nurse (LPN) can do helps them work at top of license   

[14:52] Virtual nursing


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