Monday May 16, 2022

Digital Technologies for Behavioral Health

Dr. Joe Cummings and Courtney Furrow-White explore fascinating new technologies that are advancing mental health care yet, at the same time, are causing some concerns.


Guest speaker:
Joe Cummings, PhD
Technology Program Director


Courtney Furrow-White
Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:21] Digital technologies include apps, AI, VR, and chatbots.

[02:13] There are an exuberant amount of applications for use.

[04:13] Digital phenotyping applications are still controversial.

[05:37] Digital applications may be the only mental health resource for some.

[07:06] Most of these applications are not subject to FDA regulation.  

[10:09] Data on smartphone applications still in very early stages.  

[13:01] There is risk for possible harm with some of these technologies.


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