Monday Feb 01, 2021

COPD Chronic Care

In this program, Curt  Muhammad from University of Washington Harborview shares his insights on how Harborview Medical Center leadership established a respiratory protocol that included staff training for social determinants of health. The effort would generate better results for those patients and better effectiveness for the staff.



Curt Muhammad, RRT, MSW

COPD Case Manager

Harborview Medical Center



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Show Notes:

[00:00 – 01:25]  Establish respiratory protocol for COPD patient

[01:25 – 02:39]  Need for staff training

[02:40 – 04:26]  Alleviating staff concerns and training for social determinants of health

[04:27 – 04:39]  Seeing the benefits of the training for staff and patients

[04:40 – 07:45]  Other positive results from the protocol

[07:46 – 08:34]  Harborview leadership gained valuable insight

[08:35 – 09:50]  Patients taught everyone a bigger lesson


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