Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

Cool Technologies for Redesigning Ambulatory Care

The pandemic has shifted ambulatory care drastically. Vizient technology and innovation expert, Dr. Joe Cummings, shares incredible new technologies that are reshaping the future of ambulatory care.    


Guest speaker:
Joe Cummings, PhD
Technology Program Director


Courtney Furrow-White, MPM, RN
Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:31] Non-traditional types of technology are increasing.

[02:31] Recent developments in the pod technology.

[03:47] Ambulatory interaction with smart devices and wearables.   

[06:34] AI-based algorithms are needed for data collection.

[07:56] Hospitals need to be ready for AI and robotics.

[10:31] Tips for hospitals as they embrace the future.


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