Monday Mar 07, 2022

Colonoscopy Screening Technology

In recognition of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Joe Cummings and Marilyn Sherrill explore exciting and innovative technological advancements in colonoscopy screening.


Guest speaker:
Joe Cummings, PhD
Technology Program Director


Marilyn Sherrill, RN, MBA
Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:20] A new technology called GI Genius is aiding in polyp detection.

[02:54] Adenoma detection rate statistics are promising, but still emerging.

[06:48] There’s a learning curve and shift in workflow to successfully use AI.

[09:17] There will be brand competition for AI platform development.

[11:58] There are many early-adopter hospitals currently using AI.

[12:50] Hospitals should evaluate AI technology appropriately.


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