Monday Aug 21, 2023

Change Management

Change management is a term bandied about a lot in industry as a whole and in the health care industry in particular. Yet, organizations struggle in carrying it out and few seem to see lasting results from their efforts. In this episode, two industry leaders in change management share principles to make your change management initiatives succeed.

Guest speaker:
Dwayne Banks, CCP
Senior Change Management Partner

Kimberly Kisner, MBA
Director, Change Management

Amber Hanser, MHA, CPHQ
Senior Improvement Program Director
Performance Improvement Programs

Show Notes:

[03:04] Defining change management

[03:46] Leading change

[05:35] Change fatigue

[08:47] Leading practices in change management

[10:22] How organizations should approach change management

[13:50] Communicating in times of uncertainty

[18:31] Sustaining change

[20:16] Start at the beginning of the process—steps to take

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