Monday Sep 18, 2023

Caring for patients where they are: Examining a successful home infusion program

Care is moving outside the hospital at a faster and faster pace. Due to  payer mandates, shifts in sites of care to locations outside the hospital will bring an additional 18 percent expansion of patient visits to physician offices and outpatient facilities by 2032. Strategies for home infusion will play a big role in this shift as well. Currently, over 550 medications are available for home infusion. On this episode, two leading experts will detail their successful home infusion strategy at their organization.


Alicia Ranasinghe, PharmD, IgCP
Medication Access Services Pharmacist
Fairview Home Infusion

Brett Benfield
Director of Home Infusion and Compounding
Fairview Infusion Consulting Services


Jim Lichauer, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP
Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[01:35] Fairview Pharmacy Services and home infusion

[03:06] IVIG Stewardship Program

[04:13] Process to establish patients in home infusion

[05:25] Pharmacist involvement

[05:50] Getting buy-in from colleagues

[06:58] Impact on patients

[08:12] Looking to the future

[08:39] Take-aways from the program



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